a little story about how I came to be involved in wine. . . . . 

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Paul Caputo

Over 10 years buying, selling, promoting and writing about fine wines.......

I am a wine writer and merchant and for the last 10 years I've been all over the world in search of fascinating wines. Along this incredible journey I've met amazing people who dedicate their lives to telling their inspiring stories through their wines, all authentic, rewarding, deeply personal expressions of their land.

And I want to share them with you . . . .

Looking back I can gratefully say that the support of my customers and readers has allowed me to do some really cool things. I've made and bottled wine in the South of Italy, written a book in the Republic of Macedonia and given a lecture on the development of sustainable wine tourism on the top of a Kosovan mountain.

While on the road I've amassed countless memories that i'll never forget; supping white Port on the Douro, sleeping among old bush vines in Rioja and the smell of musty damp underground cellars in Champagne.

It all started a decade ago while tracing my family roots in Basilicata. My search led me to a small village in the heart of an amazing red wine region called Aglianico del Vulture DOC. I soon understood it to be a wine of incredible power and complexity grown on the slopes of an extinct volcano. I was hooked.

I've since built a professional career tasting, writing, retailing, judging and consulting. While communicating with winemakers around the world each day I seek to pass on my knowledge through a curated selection of wines, regular wine tasting events, and various published guides and articles all over the internet.

This site is where I store my ever changing wine list and access to my wine club. Here you can explore a limited but curated selection of my recommendations available for purchase in the UK. From here you can also join my bespoke wine club by way of one of the monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plans I offer. Find out how it works.

If you are passionate about wine or just keen to learn more please feel to get in touch. This club is for you.